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We have a funny name but a serious philosophy. We provide superior service and sales so your business will be more productive, efficient and profitable...and we do it with a minimum of stress. That's a tall order, but that's our calling...and you'll be pleased to know that we have a record of success.

In today's business world, having the right technology can level the playing field between small/mid-sized companies and larger corporations. Smaller companies can better compete because of the availability of improved technologies that no longer require a large "back office" and staff to administer. One of our specialities is implementing soutions to create outstanding documents and presentations, accelerate communications and increase the availability of information where and when you need it.

Since 1995, Snoring Dog Productions has been the "GoTo" company for companies looking for the technology edge. Be it networks, servers, desktop computers, laptops, printers, portable devices, wireless devices, and the greatest software solutions, we're the company to sell, install and put it all to good use.

We've earned the trust of many small companies. We'd like to earn YOUR trust.

Snoring Dog Productions is an official
Microsoft Small Business Specialist. The logo below is Microsoft's way of saying that we have the knowledge and expertise needed to service the needs of small companies.

Microsoft Small Business Specialist

We're also an official reseller/parter for the finest equipment available. (You'll see a few of the logos to the right.)

So, how can we help you? Look below to review some of our services:

Computer Network Design and Implementation
One of the keys to success is collaboartion. In order to collaborate with co-workers and clients, you need a computer network. Snoring Dog Productions is an expert in setting up networks and network servers. With centralized storage, Internet access, remote access, backup, anti-virus and secure firewall we ensure that your information is safe and available where and when you need it.
Computer/Network Maintenance, Data Protection and Support
Like your body or your car you need to keep your computer equipment tuned up. To keep in shape you can go to the gym, to keep your car maintained you can go to the garage, but when it comes to computers, you need to call Snoring Dog Productions. We'll service and maintain your equipment to keep it happy. With on and off-site maintenance and support, we're there where and when you need us. If you have an existing network, call us to assess it and, if needed, make recommendations to improve it.

Communication and Collaboration
They say that people are the key to business success. So in orderr to succeed you have to be able to reach them. Trust us to implement wireless and remote access solutions even if you're on a budget. We'll help you reach your associates and customers in ways you didn't know possible.
System Training
You can't maximize on your investment if you don't know how to use it. It's Snoring Dog Productions to the rescue! We'll train you and your staff in making the best use of your hardware and software. Accomplish more in less time.

Web Design, eCommerce and Web Marketing
It's showtime. There's no question that the web is the most powerful medium to reach an audience. Let Snoring Dog Productions build a web site that will make your company a star. We provide domain hosting, email services (including web mail), and marketing services such as email newsletters. If you have products or services to sell we can design an eCommerce website that enables you to sell 24/7. Selling in your sleep! How's that for time efficiency?s We'll also help you rise to the occassion by improving your web site standings on popular search engines.

    We're resellers for the finest companies:

    Authorized HP Reseller
    Dell Reseller

    We're authorized as a
    Microsoft Small Business Specialist:

    Authorized Microsoft Small Business Specialist


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If you're in in the New York City area and are experienced with Microsoft Server, Microsoft Exchange, ISA Server, Microsoft Windows SBS, with or without a Microsoft certification please copy and paste your resume (no attachments) to info@snoringdog.com. Please include a letter of introduction stating your availability and requirements.




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